13 Aug 2013
August 13, 2013

What if Fannie & Freddie Went Away?

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How might things change for mortgage lenders & borrowers? Provided by Alterra Wealth Management Is a new home financing system ahead? In the text of a speech delivered August 6, President Obama said: “I believe that while our housing system must have a limited government role, private lending should be the backbone of the housing.. read more →

President Obama returns to an idea he introduced in 2012. Provided by Alterra Wealth Management What if corporate taxes were 7% lower? Specifically, what if the corporate tax rate was reset to 28%, 25% for manufacturing companies? As a tradeoff for this tax cut, what if multinational corporations based in the U.S. paid a one-time.. read more →

12 Aug 2013
August 12, 2013

Weekly Economic Update 8-12-13

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Alterra Wealth Management Presents: WEEKLY ECONOMIC UPDATE WEEKLY QUOTE“When the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” – Abraham Maslow WEEKLY TIP If much of your net worth is tied to the value of your home and you are seeing home equity as a tool to help fund.. read more →

Retirement & estate planning strategies are being greatly altered. Provided by Alterra Wealth Management When the Supreme Court affirmed the legality of same-sex marriage in June, its ruling profoundly altered the financial planning landscape for gay and lesbian couples – resulting in some “night and day” differences. Yet in looking at the financial “before and.. read more →

04 Aug 2013
August 4, 2013

Monthly Economic Update August 2013

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Alterra Wealth Management Presents: MONTHLY ECONOMIC UPDATE  MONTHLY QUOTE“What makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose.” – Andre Agassi MONTHLY TIP Why should you pay to use money? That is what using a credit card amounts to – so using a debit card for daily.. read more →